Thermoplastic Mastic Sealant

This product made of a specific grade of PVC resin (Polyvinyl Chloride) is formulated with organic and inorganic powders and special additives and after drying in normal temperature becomes very adherent on all kinds of steel and tile and ceramic and concrete. This product is very flexible whereas it is highly adhesive. This product is used when a slab or a place needs mastic but it cannot be set in furnace. It can be used in bus and minibus floor pans and places that need to be sealed.

Water-based Vapor Barrier

This products with water-based acrylic resin and PVAC and inorganic color pigments is formulated with special additives and it is very flexible and adherent on all kinds of steel and tile and ceramic and concrete and therefore it is used in sealing the surfaces. This mastic must be kept at high temperature and it must be applied at 10° C to 40° C.

Thermoset Mastic Sealant

This product based on a specific grade of polyvinyl chloride resin is designed and formulated with inorganic powders and special additives. High adhesion and flexibility is among most important properties of this product. This mastic can be applied to all kinds of epoxy stoving primer that is set in furnace. This mastic is used in automotive industry: in car floor pans and sections where various metal pieces are attached using the spot welding and sealing and avoiding the noise that these parts make while the automobile is working.

Putty & Grout Based on Epoxy

This grout is formulated based on bisphenol A epoxy resin and polyamine hardener and silica and fumed silica. Inorganic materials have high mechanical resistance. As a result, this product is very powerful in terms of mechanical resistance and it is strongly adhesive and quick-setting. This product is used as the primer putty to repair thick concrete and plaster surfaces.