Middle East Polymers Development Co. was founded with many years of experience and based upon research and development. This company in general concentrates on manufacturing chemicals, polymeric and resinous products. Our research and development department concentrates mainly on recycling polymeric materials (especially PET waste, used tires, rubbers and polyesters), exploitation of renewable resources (green products and biopolymers), modern technologies and building and optimization of their process equipment in the domain of polyurethane industry. This company has also expertise in synthetizing other resins, tailor-made resins, supplying polymeric products, and reverse engineering of polymeric materials.

Our products and services include:

Polyurethane sport floor finishes (indoor sport floors, tennis court and track and field surfaces)

Parking lot floor covering, industrial flooring and decorative floors (based on epoxy or polyurethane)

Decorative quartz floor coating (Quartz Floor)

Integrated stone floors (Terrazzo)

Waterproofing coatings based on polyurethane

Adhesives, glues and sealants

Other special polymeric products

Giving engineering and technical consultation to consulting firms, contractors and designers to select and use the best materials and products is among the important services provided by this company.